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batch-off cooling machine

If you are associated with rubber manufacturing industry anyhow then you can relate to the importance of batch-off cooling machine. It is used at numerous occasions and serves the main purpose for cooling, sheeting, cutting laminated storage and also used as a tableting machine.

We are experts in manufacturing the best batch-off cooling machines. With our unique designs and extra care during manufacture, we provide the most appropriate cooling machines in size, functioning and durability. Our batch-off cooling machines are being used by several successful as well as startup companies. For features, go through the listed bullets and for any assistance you can contact our team:

  • It has a large volume tank which can provide with high immersions.
  • It can also use recycled water or even recycle the water to minimize wastage and expenses.
  • The conveyer belt has an adaptive speed, so that it can work with our machines efficiently.
  • The cooling unit consist 8-16 fans which can assure cooling effect to the maximum.
  • It can also perform lamination slices and thus making it a diverse purpose entity.

We tend to offer the best quality designs and functioning in our machines. So, contact us and see it for yourself. We are a transparent organization and provide every possible insight of our production and quality of work.


batch-off cooling machine