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metal hose

Metal hose is small yet significant tool that is responsible for the completion of multiple tasks. With its leak proof strength, the transfer of all the molten fluids is dependent upon the metal hoses. If you have expensive and reputed machines but do not possess the right quality of metal hose, you may end up knocking yourself in the face.

It is important to pay extra caution and attention while buying the smallest of the equipments. A good metal hose always consist a strong connecting nut, connecting pipe, a loop, corrugated pipe and woven mesh. The corrugated hoses are considered much safer and can withstand high temperatures. Our crafted metal hoses can go up to 350° C. We also offer multiple connection and seal options to protect the machines and the avoid wastage. Following are the types of seals that are offered with different metal hoses:

  • Cone sealed type
  • Flat sealed type
  • Spherical sealed type
  • Cone screw thread connection
  • Loop flange connection
  • Fixed flange connection

If there are any confusions about the product, its variant or any other query then do contact us. Our representatives can assist you in making the right decision.


metal hose